WHERE I AM FROM . . .


I am from ~ ~ ~ the farms of northern Poland

The coast of LaRochelle in France

The rural area of New Hampshire and the streets of Salem, Mass.

I am from the ocean, the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars - From the sign of Pisces


I am from ~ ~ ~ Alma and Stan - hardworking and loving parents

From a mother who taught me the fear of being fearful and a father who taught me that fears hold you back

I am from two people who gave me good values, compassion and acceptance of all that is different


I am from a childhood spent with no siblings, good family television viewing, volumes of books to read, a Betsy Wetsy doll, Monopoly games.

I am from a childhood that didn't worry about terrorists or something called 911.  I am from a place in time where children could simply be children.


And I am from teen years that had rock and roll, granny glasses, beads, peace signs and a war that shouldn't have been.

I am from a high school girl that should have concentrated more on her education, rather than going steady and first love. 


I am from a young woman that had her first child at age seventeen, has known domestic abuse first hand, has known the rejection of love, experienced two bad marriages that produced three children and wondered how she got to where she was.


Because I am from that woman that stood in line at the bank, totally humiliated, waiting to cash a monthly welfare check to feed my children and pay the rent.

I am from a woman, that at age twenty-five, instinctively knew life offered much more.


And I am from the woman that suddenly matured, got her GED, attended college, graduated and got her degree.

I am from a woman who met a man, that despite her shortcomings and failures, believed in her so much that she began to believe in herself. 

And I am from a woman that took that newfound knowledge and allowed herself to soar with it beyond her wildest expectations.


I am from a woman that by her early thirties had developed self-confidence and self-esteem and realized that with perseverance and motivation nothing was impossible.

I am from a woman who at age twenty-seven only wanted to visit New York City . . . and who ended up literally seeing the world.


I am from a woman who returned to college for a second degree and became a registered nurse.

And from a woman who wanted to write novels . . . and did


I am from a little girl that always valued friendships and the importance of them and then grew into a woman that still values friendships and embraces the importance of them more each day.


I am from that twelve-year old anxious to be sixteen, and that sixteen-year old dying to be twenty-one . . . and that twenty-one year old . . . who turned sixty this year. 


I am now the woman who revels in the journey and all the footsteps along the way.  I am now the woman who frequently questions "how important is it?" to the daily dilemmas of life.  The woman who resonates with small things like sunsets and sunrises, the roaring ocean, the flight of Ibis over my head, laughter and honesty of children, the stirring melody of a symphony, the pride of a completed knitting project or the satisfaction of a finished novel.


I am now the sum of all my parts . . . and I am now the woman who treasures all that life has given me.  And all of what is yet to come.


Where I am from . . . has brought me, at age sixty, to exactly where I am supposed to be.  The journey continues . . . And I can honestly say that at this stage of my life . . . it really isn't about the destination.  It's the wonderful ride (both good and bad) that's taken me here and formed my journey.


November 6, 2007