Bank researcher Tamara Madern about her PhD research: ‘A combination of different behaviors increases the chance of financial problems. For these behaviors and the causes of financial problems, too little attention is paid to preventing and tackling these problems. ‘

‘In this way, keeping your administration in order does not have to have confidence that you are able to put your administration in order. You have to do something with that. Thinking that you can not do something makes you do not, regardless of whether you should be able to do that objectively. ‘

PhD research into sound financial behavior

Madern obtained her doctorate at Leiden University on Thursday 17 September with her research into healthy financial behavior, and what encourages or hinders that behavior. Madern’s thesis is the first major study in the Netherlands on financial behavior of people with debts.

For Bank, this research provides an important insight into the underlying causes of financial problems, which must be taken into account in the information and interventions. The study shows the complexity of the debt situation and shows that support and customization do not yet sufficiently respond to this.

According to Madern, more cooperation between different (including commercial) parties is needed. An individual party can not solve the problem. This applies to both creditors and municipalities.

Guide to the field

Madern has also written a handbook for professionals in which she gives guidelines on how professionals can promote healthy financial behavior. Using the Bank competences , Madern shows how the results from her research can be applied in professional practice. This makes it a valuable tool for debt counselors, budget coaches and other professionals who work with people with financial problems.