Practice story 2016

How do you notice an employee that there are money problems? How many people with a job register with debt counseling? And what can you do as an employer if you have staff with debts?

Question: Cause and scope of money problems on the work floor

BOVAG office Employees with money problems occur almost everywhere, including the car and truck dealers who were present at the P & O Platform at BOVAG. This phenomenon was known to everyone, but the size of the debt problems in the Netherlands surprised the personnel consultants.

The causes behind money problems have changed in recent years and these were discussed during the presentation. Since the crisis in 2008, more people with a job have been in trouble.

How do you notice that an employee has money problems? The clearest signal is to request an advance or loan from the employer. And of course, the wage orders. The BOVAG companies also indicated that there are more absenteeism days, as a result of which the productivity decreases. Debts affect the behavior of the employee and this also has an effect on work at work.

Approach: information, dilemmas and tips for employers

During the presentation, Nibud provided insight into the costs that an employee faces when employees are in debt. These costs do not consist solely of the processing of wage bills; here is much more involved, as it turned out. Although the cost items were recognized, the sum added to the attendees. All the more reason to do something about this. But what?

The dilemmas that often play with employers were discussed in the discussion. We discussed, among other things, the responsibility of the employer, the role of the employee and whether debts may be a basis for dismissal.

Result: sharing new insights and knowledge

Finally, practical tips and good examples were shared. Here it emerged that one of the most difficult things is to motivate the employee to change. As a last resort some companies use a budget coach for their employee.

As an employer, you can offer just that helping hand, so that the employee can regain control over his situation. And that benefits the company again!