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Happy Spring ~

Okay....shame on me!  I can hardly believe that I haven't done a blog post since Christmas and here it is late March!

Where have I been, you ask?  Well, if you follow me on Facebook then you know.  You know that I post daily on Facebook with status updates and unfortunately, that social media has taken away much of my blogging time.  You also know that the past few months have found me here, there and everywhere doing book signings and book events.  You know that my daughter, Susan, came to visit in January.  You know I've been busy meeting fans that have come to visit Cedar Key.  And lets not forget my down time with knitting, reading and working on my own novels.

So I'm afraid time has gotten away from me and I apologize for missing in action here at Island Writer.  I could give up this blog, yes.  But I don't want to.  I know many of you still follow me.  And if you're not friended on my personal page at Facebook or if you don't stop by my fan pages there, then we have no other way to communicate.  So Island Writer will continue to go on and  I will make an effort to get here more often.

Book four has been completed and I made my deadline of Feb. 1 by submitting that manuscript in mid-January.  At the moment, I'm waiting to get it back from my copy editor to fix anything that needs fixing before it goes to press.  And the release date for book 4 is October 30.

I have begun working on book 5 and this will be Aunt Dora's story.  I have the first two chapters completed and I think my readers will be happy to learn about Dora and her sister, Sybile, when they were younger.

I've been on a knitting frenzy since the beginning of the year.  It was my personal goal to learn how to knit socks and I vowed before the year was over, I would do so.  I achieved my goal early January when I completed my first pair and gave them to my daughter.  I then made a pair for myself and I currently have a third pair in the works.  I love knitting socks!  I think its fair to say I became addicted.  But I also have a few other projects going as well.

I've also been doing lots of reading.  SO many great books out there!  

This time of year is always busy on the island.  So we've been partaking of a lot of events going on.  As you can see, never a dull moment and my days just zip on by until I suddenly realize time has gotten away from me!

Ray and I will be leaving on May 21 for ten days to Scotland and England.  We'll visit with some good friends outside of London and then head south to finally meet the cousin I never knew I had until last year!  Needless to say, I'm very excited about meeting Julia and her two children.  So I'll be busy getting things together for our trip.

And then in August, you'll find me up in the Boston area.  I'm flying back for my 48th high school reunion and will stay in Salem with my friend and personal assistant, Alice.  While there, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing a book signing.  Then on to spend a few days with my daughter and granddaughter at their summer beach house in Seabrook, NH.  And during that time I'll be at an alpaca farm/yarn shop in North Yamouth, Maine doing a book signing.  Details are all on my appearances page at my author website.

Here it is barely spring and my plans are taking me almost into fall!  I promise to get back here before then.  However, if you're on Facebook and would like more frequent updates, please send a friend request to Terri DuLong.

I hope all is going well in your life.  I'm wishing you a wonderful spring with lots of blooming flowers, birds chirping and always much laughter and love.

I'll see you back here again next time..................

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Reader Comments (4)

Glad to see you're back at your blog, Terri. I thought you had abandoned this site, and it was my favorite of all your online stuff.

It was nice to see you yesterday.
Happy knitting,
April 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarsha C.
Thank you so much for your comment and feedback, Marsha. It's always hard to tell if ANYBODY still visits here...lol Although my traffic stats tells me I'm still getting a fair amount of visitors. And thanks for also telling me you enjoy this site the best. NOW I will just HAVE to make an effort to get here much more often! It was great seeing you and my teal sweater is coming along SO nice!
April 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterTerri DuLong
Aw Terri....I posted yesterday, but it must have slipped through the cracks. Dang...
April 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarge
Oh, yes, the FB messages are fine, but they are just snippets of daily life. I like this blog because your entries are more like short stories with a message or theme. Personally, I prefer reading blogs to doing FB, but that's one person's opinion.

Glad your new sweater knitting is coming along nicely. I do love both the yarns you purchased last week. And your baby blanket is adorable!

Happy knitting,
April 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarsha C.
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