Happy Autumn ~

I can hardly believe that it's been 6 months since I've posted on here.  Many things have accounted for this.  I admit that any free social time on the Internet is pretty much spent on Facebook.  I update my personal page there at least once a day.  And from what I've seen, FB seems to be the choice for so many others as well.  Many times we have a one on one comment conversation going, much like I used to here at my blog.  It's quick, it's easy and........while I know it sounds like I'm making excuses, I guess with "busy" being uppermost in my life at the moment, it works best for me.

However, I'm still not quite ready to let go of this blog.  And many other things have accounted for my lack of presence here.  Book 5 is completed, copy edit finished, we have a cover and SECRETS ON CEDAR KEY will be released on Nov. 26.

I've been busy working away on Book 6, which is due out next year.  In addition to the writing, book signings, marketing and promoting, life has also intervened.

After almost 9 years, Ray and I have made the decision to relocate and leave Cedar Key.  Things change as we get older and being practical must take priority.  As much as I love Cedar Key, it's really become more difficult to be so isolated from doctors, pharmacy, hospital, major shopping, cultural events and socializing.  While it all worked fine 9 years ago......not so much anymore.  So we're going to be moving directly across the state, to the east coast and Ormond Beach.

I've done book signings at the yarn shop there, The Ball of Yarn, I've made many friends there and both Ray and I have come to love both the town and the people.  We close on our new home on Sept. 16, but we want to do some upgrades, etc. so there's no definite date yet as to when we'll actually move.  And the best thing?  Publix, lots of shopping, doctors, etc. is no further than a 6 to 8 mile drive from our house.  Much of it is only a TWO minute drive!  So yes.....this will be extremely convenient.  And........it looks like not only will I be within a short drive of the water, I'll be back on my Atlantic Ocean.

The furry family members are doing great! Duncan is now 7, Brie is 6 and our Smokey is now 10 1/2 years old, in good health and continues to be a joy in my life since my loss of Shawn.  And our newest member, Toulouse, turns a year old next month.  He is one special Maine coon cat and is definitely one of the biggest of the three that we've had, as you can see.  Not to mention that he's quite the handsome boy!


In addition to writing, I've done loads of knitting and reading this summer, so that also keeps me busy! Just finished a pair of socks for my daughter, Susan, last night.

So it's been a very good summer here and we started it off with a trip to the Boston area in early June for the high school graduation of our granddaughter, Kaela.  Hard to believe she's so grown up and already doing her first year at college!  The days and years have a way of slipping by and much too fast!

And squeezed in between all of it, I've also been doing a lot of book signings at various yarn shops.  I just recently returned from a very successful one at Yarns Downtown in Trussville, Alabama.  So I also want to thank SO many of you, my extremely loyal fans and readers for your continued support for my Cedar Key Series!

(Taken at Yarns Downtown.....with a fan, Cecile (standing) and an assistant, Ashley, former Miss Alabama)

So I think that brings you up to date with all the news from here.  I do hope all is going well for you and if you get a chance send me an email, leave a comment or visit me on Facebook. I hope your autumn is filled with cool, crisp days, good football games, apples and pumpkins and of course a great knitting project and a good book to read!

Till next time......................................

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