Money worries have a big impact on people. Employees with money worries suffer from stress and are more susceptible to fraud and theft.

Moreover, these employees are more often ill and the productivity is reduced. What costs does that entail for you as an employer?

Start the calculation

Insight into costs: what now?

You now have an indication of the costs of employees with money problems in your organization. You can now deduct this amount against the investment in preventing or solving money problems.

If there are any debts, you can help your employees solve these problems. Financial coaching, time that you release, give correct information, or support in a different way.

By providing information, training or offering tools you can prevent financial problems among employees.

Bank will help you further

Bank offers a wide range of products, advice, training and services, especially for employers. This way Bank can support you in prevention, but also in solving financial problems in the workplace. With tailor-made advice, this service is precisely tailored to the situation within your organization.

A number of services highlighted:

  • Do you have questions about financial problems with your employees? Or about payroll? Call or email the free Helpdesk for employers .
  • Do you want to help employees with financial problems more intensively? That is possible with the Bank coach for employers . The Bank coach is more than a budget coach. The Bank coach is your sparring partner and assists employees in improving or stabilizing their financial situation. If necessary, the Bank coach prepares the employee involved for debt counseling.
  • HR workshop Dealing with staff with debts .
  • You can join your company or organization at Startpunt Geldzaken , an initiative of Bank and partners. You will then have access to various money plans with which your employees themselves can bring their finances into balance and keep them. Your employees can complete the plans anonymously, step by step and each at their own pace.

But Bank does more for employers. For a complete overview of the range of help in preventing and solving problems, download the brochure: