MegaCredit is another Latvian company that is trying to conquer the Polish loan market of payday loans, its headquarters were located in Suwałki. You can take a minute for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days. We can take the first free loan for 30 days, up to PLN 2,000. The loan costs are decent, only 19.6% on a 30-day scale. If we fail to repay the loan on time, we can extend it for 7, 14 or 30 days, the extension costs are slightly higher and amount to 27.5% on a 30-day scale. The maximum amount that we can apply for in MegaCredit is PLN 4,000, and we can apply for it at the second loan!

Our good online loans bad credit are here to help, do not hang around forever

 Alpha credit - Loan with a quick decision

Of course, as with all online check-ins, we must complete the registration form and transfer 1 grosz for verification purposes. As with other companies with Latvian origin, the website is very simple and intuitive, all costs and opportunities will be known using the slider. The site also has a model contract.

Anyone who is over 21 years of age and under the age of 75 may apply for a good online loan bad credit. You don’t have to live in the North, sign up and apply for a good online loan bad credit, registration with us is very simple and fast.

Restrictive minutes

Alfa Kredyt - restrictive minutes

To get an online loan you must complete the registration form available through the “take a loan” function, you will need an ID card and a mobile phone, we must also provide our employment details. After filling in the form correctly, we will verify our data by transferring 1 PLN to the account of MegaCredit. Thanks to this transfer, we do not have to send an identity document scan, because the loan company trusts that the bank, by setting up an account, scrupulously checked our identity. If the transfer has arrived and the data is correct, and our ability has been assessed positively, we will get information about accepting our application and paying us the loan. If we have an account in the same bank as MegaCredit, the cash will be within 15 minutes on our account, if not then we have to wait all day or until the next business day. The list of accounts for each loan company can be found in the company description in the “Loan offer” tab. 


The costs of extending the repayment 

MegaCredit gives us the opportunity to extend the loan repayment period by 7, 14 or 30 days. Of course, we will have to pay for such an extension. If we decided on a loan of PLN 1,000, and after 30 days we are unable to return the obligation, the repayment period should be extended, and it will cost PLN 102.50 for the extension by 7 days, 14 additional days it costs PLN 165, while if we need as many as 30 additional days we will pay PLN 275. We can extend the loan any number of times, provided we pay the fee first.


  500 PLN 1000 PLN PLN 1,500 PLN 2,000 PLN 2,500 3000 PLN
7 days 51.25 PLN PLN 102.5 153.75 PLN PLN 205 PLN 256.25 PLN 307.5
14 days PLN 82.5 PLN 165 PLN 247.5 330 PLN PLN 412.5 PLN 495
30 days PLN 137.5 PLN 275 PLN 412.5 PLN 550 PLN 687.5 PLN 825

If there is no repayment of the liability within the prescribed period, we must take into account the interest costs in the amount constituting twice the sum of the reference rate of the NatCredi Bank and 5.5 percentage points. As of today, interest for delay amounts to 14% on an annual basis and may change if the reference rate of the NatCredi Bank is changed.