1.   Born and raised in the Boston area

2.  After 21 years in Florida, I still "pak my ca in the Havad yad" The letter "R" is missing in my vocabulary

3.  I'm an only child and always wished for a sibling

4.  I hate snow, ice and temps that drop below 50 degrees

5.  I'm a Pisces, with many of the characteristics to go with it

6.  As much as I love the water, I've never learned to swim

7.  I'm a confirmed Francophile and love anything French

8.  I'm half French and half Polish--My French ancestors came from LaRochelle, France and my Polish ones from a small village in northern Poland

9.  Traditions are important to me..I have the lace edging on the pillowcase my grandmother brought from Poland in 1908. It carried all of her belongings.    A piece of that lace was sewed to the petticoat of my daughters wedding gown and another piece to my granddaughters Christening gown.

10.  I love anything Victorian....lace, lavender, potpourri, antiques

11.  I believe in the metaphysical properties of crystal and surround myself with quartz crystal when I'm writing.

12.  When I was a child, teen and young mom, I had over 100 pen pals from around the world.

13.  Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

14.  I have an enormous love for dogs and cats and sometimes resonate with them more than humans.

15.  I was once told by a Psychic that I was an animal trainer in another lifetime.

16.  I do believe in reincarnation and although I can't remember other lifetimes....I know I've had them.

17.  I also know that certain people I meet in this lifetime, I've known them before.

18.  Injustice, prejudice and mean-spirited people make me very angry.

19.  I'm a Liberal and proud OF it.  Also very proud to be 50% French.

20.  I love music--especially the 60's, classical, smooth jazz and New Age. 

21.  I find music to be mood altering--from melancholy to uplifting.

22.  I'm an avid reader and sometimes have two books going at the same time.

23.  Favorite authors are Anita Shreve, Sue Miller, Elizabeth Berg, Barbara Taylor Bradford and Fern Michaels..

24.  Two of my all-time favorite books are "A Woman of Substance" by Barbara Taylor Bradford and "The Shell Seekers" by Rosamunde Pilcher.

25.  I detest being late for anything and get annoyed with people who have no regard for promptness.

26.  I'm extremely organized...I keep lists, have an updated calendar, am a planner and like to know ahead of time what I'm doing.

27.  As organized as I am, I'm a true Pisces because I'm also extremely flexible and can change ideas and plans mid-stream. 

28.  I like stability but I also welcome change and am always open for new adventures.

29.  I try to learn at least one new thing each and every day.

30.  I welcome differences of opinion and enjoy discussing them--as long as they don't turn into heated debates.

31.  I'm glad I'm a product of the 60's and a baby boomer.

32.  I resonate with anything from the 40's and the war years.....music, movies, clothes and culture.

33.  I'm proud my dad fought in WWII and was part of the Normandy Invasion.

34.  I don't always agree with our Government but I'm proud to be an American (and all it stands for) and to be living in the greatest country in the world.

35.  I still get a lump in my throat when I hear the National Anthem.

36.  I love all flowers, but Lilacs and Lily-of the-Valley are my favorites.

37.  My favorite foods are French and Italian.

38.  Among my favorite wines are San Giovese, Cabernet and any French champagne.

39.  Favorite dessert is Creme Brulee

40.  I love sunrises and sunsets

41.  I'm not a loner, but I enjoy my own company and can't ever recall being "bored" or lacking for something to keep me busy in a solitary environment.

52.  I find rudeness unforgivable and difficult to understand

53.  Overall, I think television has failed miserably in providing good entertainment

54.  I have no patience for telemarketer calls....If I want it, I'll find a way to locate it and buy it

55.  In the same vein, I also have no patience for "pushy" people--be it salespeople, friends or strangers

56.  If you haven't gathered already...I'm a live, and let live kind of person

57.  I'm Pro-Choice---in all areas of my life (I believe in options)

58.  I have no use for monopolies--be it with a phone company, newspapers, services, etc. (Refer to #57)

59.  I still recall how much I enjoyed childhood television in the 50's...I Remember Mama, My Little Margie and Father Knows Best

60.  My all-time favorite movie is Cassablanca....closely followed by Pretty Woman, Schindlers List, and Saving Private Ryan.

61.  My favorite part of England is the Cotswolds--closely followed by Cornwall

62.  My favorite regions of France are too numerous to list--but I'll include Provence, the Champagne region and all of Paris

63.  If I should die tomorrow.....I'd have no regrets on anything I've done....only all that I had left to do.

64.  The word "guilt" is not in my vocabulary--I do the best I can and that never results in guilt

65.  I can't think of one other person I'd like to be--at age 61, I like me and all that I've accomplished

66.  I value friendships and will go out of my way to keep them growing

67.  In relation to #66---I also know when to back away when I get no reciprocation

68.  I have never considered "mistakes" a mistake--every single one has been a learning and growing opportunity

69.  Looking back, it amazes me how many people have crossed my path--and each and every one has taught me a lesson--touching me in a profound way (good and bad)

70.  My very favorite holiday always has been and always will be Christmas

71.  I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout

72.  One of my fondest childhood memories is the days spent on Dane Street Beach in Beverly during the summer

73.  I loved growing up in the 50's--it was a kinder, more gentle, slow-pace time

74.  Like many others, I detest cell phones and only use mine when necessary--out of ear-shot of other people

75.  I was in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, on New Years Eve, 1999--welcoming in the new mellenium, covered in champagne

76.  I've never forgotten the purple color of taro fields in Kauai, Hawaii--looking down on them from a hill

75. The scenery from the road overlooking the Gorges du Tarn in France is also sealed in my memory.

76.  Two of the most poignant and heart-wrenching places I've visited was the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and Pearl Harbor.

77.  Some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations I've ever seen were in the stores  of Galleries Layayette and San Maritane in Paris.

78.  The most frightened I've ever been was on a flight from Kennedy to Bermuda, when it wasn't certain the landing gear was up and locked and we had to prepare for a crash landing

79.  I have no tolerance for people who blame everything on age, especially the saying, "It's tough to get old"

80.  I have difficulty understanding why parents today are so lax teaching their children values, common courtesty and responsibility

81.  Only in the past few years have I come to understand and enjoy football (GO Bucs and Patriots!)

82.  Although I don't care for baseball.....I'll support the Red Sox forever

83.  Although I've decreased it to 4 cups a day---I love my coffee! (Especially Starbucks and Lusianne)

84.  I enjoy a rainy day--sans thunder and lightening

85.  After 40 years, I've returned to knitting with a passion and find it relaxing and enjoyable

86.  I'm addicted to yarn shops and can't leave one without purchasing new yarns

87.  I'm a "girly" female and love getting my nails done, pedicures, pretty clothes, perfume and jewelry

88.  I love listening to music by Enya--especially "Only Time"

89.  I love to laugh and do so often

90.  My nursing career was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I've done

91.  My writing career is one of the most frustrating, yet satisfying, things I've attempted

92.  I generally try to give people the benefit of the doubt

93.  I stand by my convictions---The older I get, the more I speak up and speak out

94.  No matter the situation---I try to remain diplomatic

95.  The older I get, the less time I have for people or things that don't interest me

96.  I'm developing an interest in gardening

97.  I'm a tree-hugger

98.  More and more, I've come to learn that all behavior has a reason

99.  I love learning about people and what their "story" is

100.  And last, but not least.........I have been extremely blessed in my life and I never take it for granted